Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sexy ways to Beat The Summer Heat

I remember reading a magasine years ago,, how to enjoy summer , since it's so hot here in the philippines,.Summer humidity dosent have to leave you feeling sticky.. these are some fun moves to get moving summer-crazy...

1. Host a reality-tv show marathon : Tape a bunch of prime-time reality shows and invite friends over for guilty-pleasure tube time. serve some rich cheesy treats(nachos,and cheese sticks,,!) to go with cheesy subject matter.

2. Savor a seasonal meal : It's time to give the south beach diet a break and enjoy blatantly summer treat with your guy, like chips and fresh salsa, fruit smoothies, grilled veggie, and sushi.

3. Have a fantasy veg-out session: curl up with your favorite mags and rip out every "dreams" page that catches your eye: sexy guys, fab furniture, exotic spas, designer clothes. then look for a pattern in the pics to see what you crave- maybe it's more zen pad or tropical vacay.

4. Play strip poker with your man : Who can say no to a round of pusoy? challenge your man to a playful game with a naughty naked twist. be warned: if the game continues and you've run out of clothes to strip off, a couple of sexy dares may follow as a alternate consequence.


charmie said...

thanks for the tips sis.. Its hot here in Israel too, Humidity is too high.

Dhemz said...

agi ko kadali...ehehehhe! sos kalami isalom...labon init kaau dire.

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