Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just for me

After my sister moved to my brother's house in general santos it took me a great deal to try to find a job here in CDO, but still no luck for me, so i just take care of the thing here in the house, like cleaning, washing the clothes, paying the bills since i don't have much to do, go to the veterinarian to give our dog a shot of vaccine. at first its kind a tiring and boring doing that stuff at home, I'm use to just set in front of a TV or going out with my friends its kind a new to me but since i don't have a job yet and my parents are old but not that old old, might as will help them with the chores, but sometime i question my self why still don't have job what is wrong with me??, I've been looking for a job for quit sometime now but all the company i'm applying wont hire me, i want to apply for PNP so that i could use my degree but i don't have money for the necessary requirement needed and i have to go to Libona to get a waver for my height because i didn't pass the height required by Napolcom,,it's kind a disappointing you know, all my siblings are doing well, they have a husband who provide for them or a job that pays will. they had their life fix and all, but for me, i have to accept the fact that i dont have luck as them, i just think positive and make all the of it works..anyways i have prince our shitzue dog,(that my sister keep texting me to send prince in general santos as if i'll do that,) to make us laugh with his chasing cockroach thing, i think time will come for me to find a place in the sun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Found the Queen of PDF Download

My youngest sister already left home and went to General Santos. She will have a new job waiting for her over there courtesy of our younger brother. My brother is a manager of Jollibee; one of the successful food chain establishments in the country. My sister and I are having hard time finding a decent job in our place. I'm glad that our brother thought of helping her to get a job. I am taking control of this laptop that my older sister left when she went back to US. I am also in charge of all the monthly bills for the internet. It is very stressful thinking where to get money to pay for the internet bills since I don't have a regular job. I am still depending with my father's pension and the small amount I earn in blogging. I am a newbie blogger and trying to learn lots of things about blogging. Anyhow, my sister is so happy that she is now having a job. My brother told her earlier to read some article online that would be related to the job qualification. Gladly, she found and did the pdf download of the business related article that she needs before she left. Take a look of this PDF search engine and give it a try. It is very easy to use and fast. I could use this search engine with other important downloads in the future.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Internet Connection

We apply for an internet connection recently, some company have a internet connection promo and we kind of like what the company agent told us that you dont have to pay for it right away,no installation fee,free phone set and DSL modem, since my sister left her laptop to us we decided to try it and we are eager to apply it right away so that the hassle of going to internet cafe ang everyday expenses paying for it, in short to save money, but apparently the internet company seems not that happy in giving their service to their client, we've wait for five days before they installs the telephone and the DSL modem but the internet and phone line not activated yet, and we wait for more than ten days for the connection, finally we are excited to try it, having an internet connection give us an advantage, we can communicate with our sisters and friends abroad, surfing the net anytime we want not worrying how much time we spend and we can save save money, but just yesterday we received the bill and it is a shock to us to see the bill amount, they charge us for the installation and all the stuff about internet connection and it not even due yet, we try to settle the matter with their office but they saying it not true about free installation and all, we argue and all but they keep insisting it and we keep texting and calling the agent who convinced us, just when you think that having promos like that can save you money and experience having freebies but instead you got huge amount money to pay for that internet bill. lesson learned, that not all promos and free stuff you read or heard is true, that before you apply for anything that you think its advantage to you, you have to make sure that its really true not just hoax.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Away From Home

My sister is moving to General Santos Cotabato Province in Mindanao this weekend looking for new opportunities, because their still no luck here for new jobs..its hard when your in your late 20's job opportunity's don't came easily..almost all the company's they hire fresh graduate or age 25 below or have bachelor degrees or business related courses.she's been trying so hard to have job but nothing happens. as its goes with me, I'm 25 years old now i am also trying to have a job, so she decided to move out, so that maybe if we separated we might find or have job on our own, because to be honest we still sometimes depend to our parents financially, so moving on, she will live with my brother Alex there since my brother is working in General Santos, it is not her first time to be away from us, she lives in Cebu for almost 5 yrs with my sisters so we are worried but no to much because we know that she can take care of herself. I'm just praying that its not gonna be hard finding job there, and its her first time in that city, i hope that even though General Santos City is not the same as Cebu and Cagayan de Oro city it has great opportunity for her.

Moving On

My sister and I had been looking for a job for quite a while now and still luck. It's really a bummer when you get interviewed but then they won't hire you. The problem with other companies is they give lots of hassles just for the position. They find your resume interesting, setting for second interview and ask a bunch of requirement but at the end they don't even bother to pick up the phone and tell you are not hired. I waited for a call in that last company I applied and they never call me. Well, life has to move on and keep going. I'm glad my brother who is a store manager in Jollibee called me up couple of weeks ago. They have open position in their company in General Santos. I accepted his offer and planning to go there this weekend. It's going to be a long bus trip from Cagayan to General Santos. I was at the bus terminal yesterday to check where should a catch one in going to General Santos. I have noticed one bus that looks like new rvs that I have seen driven by well off family when they go for a camping. I am not sure if that bus is picking up passengers or it was an RV that was parked in the terminal parking space. Anyhow, I've never been to General Santos and this will be my first. So, wish me luck folks. I hope I get the job there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet Prince Charming

Hello meet the new member of the family PRINCE CHARMING, our little puppy is 2months old at this picture he is very cute and small he likes to cuddle, bites and sleep..he is a shih-tzu (shitzu) type of puppy, the first time we got him he's tame and shy,,Our sister bought him from a friend of her's but as the days past he became very stubborn and active,,he thinks he own the whole house thats why we love and adore him especially our parents, its like having a little brother to us and a grandchild to our parents beacuse our nephews ang nieces are not staying with us, he pee everywhere but he so adorable when he pee on the basahan or trapo(rug). but FYI he poop inside the bathroom but when the bathroom door are close he just poop under our study table no barking or wiggling he's tail at us. He likes eating veggies and fruits like carrots, potatoe, beans, apple, mango,lansones,almost all kinds of fruits and sayote, he loved to chase our two cuddley rabbits toti and tofu which by the way he learned to eat carrots from them, hes an envious puppy. He is very hairy you connot almost notice his eyes thats why when you called him he just stand there and look at you like a meercat or an owl and then ignore you. The most attractive and funny thing about this puppy he likes to chase cockroches and ants afterwards he will murder them with his vicious paws and teeth and he likes to play with our other dog sweety which she treats prince like a baby and thats our little devilish but adoring little prince charming. ;-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day

Election day is very tiring for a first time voter like me, but it's nice to know that your being responsible for chosing who you want to be the next person leading our country, and embracing a new kind of voting system, we still cant say that using advance way is helpful, because being a first time voter i cant help but observing my fellow voters about there openion and point of view obout the automated election the're so many problems i notice..they say that having this kind of voting system will fasten, and advantageous to us, but as what i have seen earlier it is not an advantage to us because the process is so slow, and one of the machine got backdown and it is also in the news that it did not only happen here in our place but it also happens in other places such as luzon ang visayas.
so much for my complains about our election, the only thing that is on my mind right now is that im happy because im fulfilled that i already done my part in participating for this election. i am not hoping that the new Presedent will change our country to become better but i am praying that GOD will guide ang help our new leader to change our country to become better and that there will be positive developement and good progress.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1st Blog Anniversary Amazing Give-aways

In celebration for Amazing Grace 1st blogversary she is having a great giveaway for her readers and follower. You should check out the fabulous prizes, its amazing! It's so easy to enter just follow the simple rules and you are good to go. Winners will be drawn by and the contest runs from May 01 - June 15,2010. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now and enter enter enter. The more entry the more chance of winning.

Get Insured

I am contented with my life even if we don't have everything we want. It is just a matter of acceptance and being content. As long as we have food on the table and eat meals three times a day that would be enough. Anyhow, my big brother just got my Dad a motorcycle and he asks me if I can find a website to get insurance. I told him about the HVG insurance as they offer different types of insurance. They offer insurance for trucks, van, motor, bike and other insurance that he might be interested in getting for my father's motorcycle. It's better to think that you are insured especially if you are living in a place where lots of reckless drivers who doesn't care about the welfare of others. Living in the Philippines is pure survival. You have to be resourceful in order to survive. You have to work whatever job there is in order to survive and provide food to your family that includes driving jeepney or other vehicles. Some women they drive jeepney and truck just to have a regular job. If they bump or hit other vehicle the most common reaction they do is to run instead of checking out the damages. They are scared to pay the damages and have their driver’s license suspended. That's how tough our life in the Philippines.

Online Game as Pastime

Playing games online is one of my pastimes. It is fun activity when you are bored. You forgot about your problems because you get carried away with the games as well as the characters. It is also challenging to level up and gain more credits. There were times that I got addicted to some games in Facebook. I had to get online to play my favorite games and harvest my crops. I forgot to update my blog because my mind was always into the games. Lately, I had enough of those games it bored me already. I want to try other games. Then I found new games online in miniclips where you can different kinds of games. They have action, adventures, puzzle and much more games which I am pretty sure you would like to try. You can also customize your game. Lots of categories to choose from that you can play to release your boredom at the same time sharpen your brain. You can register to start playing and earn points. I'm thinking of exploring this game some more the next time I have time to surf online. Right now, it’s kind of early to play around the virtual world so I guess I‘ll explore some of their games later. You can check out the site by clicking on the link provided and browse around their list of games. Enjoy and good luck!

Lucy Torres enters Leyte congressional race

TV host and celebrity Lucy Torres-Gomez formally filed on Wednesday her Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for the congressional seat of Leyte’s Fourth District. She will Richard Gomez substitute after the Comelec en banc affirmed the decision disqualifying Gomez from Leyte’s congressional race. Now they are fighting for it and have Lucy run in behalf of her husband. If you want to read the rest of the story read it here.

Seriously, politics are getting nastier and complicated these days. She should have stayed home or focus on her career instead of getting into politics. And for Richard Gomez if politics not for you well don't force it dude. The Philippine politics are full of celebrities now that doesn't know what politics is all about and not even finished college. I hope for this coming election people will be smart enough to vote for those candidates who are deserving to be elected and run the country. I also hope it will be a peaceful election.
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