Friday, January 14, 2011

Dream to Become a Photographer..

I love taking pictures, though i don't capture my photos like of those professional Photographer. But Photography is one of my dream profession but its too expensive. Maybe when i become rich i might pursue it which is so impossible. Anyways, i made some exploration on my sister jijies camera she gave it to us because she have plan to buy new one. I can't tell if its a good capture, but you know i just feel like blogging it.. Hoping to get some comment from you guys... hehehe!! :-) Have a happy weekend!!! Mwah....:-X


Dawn said...

I love photography as well; it is definitely one of my hobbies. I recently started to become more serious about it as well. I am far from ever being a professional, but I still love to do it. It just took lots and lots and lots of practice and learning. It looks like you have a great start here! Keeping taking pictures and doing what you love to do! I'm sure that you would be a fantastic photographer some day!

simply kim said...

i'm not a good photographer, so i guess won't have any future photography, lol! good luck to you!

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