Monday, January 18, 2010

57 Things You Wanna Know About Me

You wanna know more about me? Here you go
1.what time did you get up this morning? 10:00 AM THE EARLIEST

2.diamond or pearl? I prefer Diamond but I like gold or silver?

3.what was the last film you saw at the cinema? Avatar

4.what was your favourite tv show?ONE TREE HILL, GREY'S ANATOMY AND A LOTta MORE

5.what do you usually have for breakfast? Pandesal if there is available

6.what is your middle name? Magdugo

7.what food do you dislikes? hmmm I don't know. I like most of it. If it is not poisonous im good to go

8.what is your favourite cd at the moment? Too many to mention

9.what kind of car do you drive? I don't have a car

10.favourite sandwich? Tuna Sandwich

11.what characteristics do you despise? FAKE

12.favourite item of clothing? JEANS AND T SHIRTS MORE ON SPORTY STYLE or boyish style

13.if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation,where would you go? All over the whole archeapelago.


15.where would retire to? PHILIPPINES

16.what was your most recent memorable birthday?When I was little I think as I don't celebrate birthday anymore now.

17.favourite sports to watch? Basketball

18.farthest place you are sending/sharing this? As far as the internet can go.

19.person you expect to send/share it back first? No one

20.when is your birthday?March 22

21.are you a morning person or night? Night, I could go the night with out sleeping

22.what is shoe size? 7 SOMETIMES 7 1/2

23.pets..? Dogs, Cat, Rabbits

24.any new exciting new's you'd like to share with us? None in particular

25.what did you want to be when you were little? Nurse are you today? Feeling fine

27.what is your favourite candy? All that is sweet

28.what is your favorite flower? All that is beautiful and smells great

29.what is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? My parents wedding anniversary

30.what is your full name? Lieza Magdugo Requieron

31.what are you listening right now? Rock music

32.What was the last food you eat? nothing you wish on stars?YES, I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD ON SEEING A FALLING STARS SO I CAN MAKE A WISH

34.If you were a crayon,what colour would you be? HMMM? I THINK Pink you like sports or larger car? I like to have both but there's no hope I could own one

36.last person you spoke? My sissy Weng

37.favourite drink? SODA, Juice

38.favourite restaurant/s? Jollibee colour? DARK BROWN

40.what was your favorite toy as a child? Teddy Bear

41.summer or winter? SUMMER

42.hugs/kisses? BOTH

43.chocolate or vanilla? BOTH or tea? BOTH you want friends to email you back? Of course I do

46.when was the last time you cried? Hmmm when my Mao mao left for Canada

47.what is under your bed? Trash

48.what did you do last night? Chatting with my BF

49.what are you afraid of.? TERRORIST And RAPIST

50.salty or sweet? I WOULD SAY SWEET many keys in your keyrings? two many years at your recent job? Almost 2 years now Im jobless

53.favorite day of the week? NONE many towns have you lived in?I think four; BUKIDNON, CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, NEGROS OCC., CEBU CITY, . you make friends easily? YES I AM, because Im friendly person

56.what kind of cake do you like in your birthday? CHOCOLATE MOUSSE

57.what's your favorite qoute? Love your family and friends

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